"INCOL" the Trade Mark that is distinguished by its Technology and Quality, builds Treatment Plants for Waste Treatment, for America and the rest of the World.

Equipment built by our Team, are guaranteed by “INCOL GROUP INC” and the instructive of “INCOL CORP SA”.

Our Equipments has the most advantage technology and a modern design, having similar characteristics than Equipment used in Europe and EEUU. The Equipments are designed as the best Environmental solution, fulfilling with the most demanding National and International Standards related with the Environment. We have highly qualified personnel performing the assembly, installation and commissioning of our equipment, in any geographical point of the country and the world.

The Equipments manufactured by INCOL are:

STATIC CHAMBER, ROTARY CHAMBER OR RECIPROCTING HEARTH INCINERATORS for Medical, Industrial and General Wastes, may be solid, semisolid o liquid. They have additional Equipments such as: Gas Cleaning Systems, Automatic Chargers, Removal Systems and Automatic Ash Removal Machines, Liquid Injectors, Emission Continuous Monitoring Systems of Gases and Particulate Matter, Computerized System “On-line” to the Control and Recording of the Operation Variables of Incineration Process.

AUTOCLAVES are used for the Treatment of Medical Wastes, with the provision of Loading Carts, Lift-Table, Electric and Mechanical Systems for Download the Wastes of the Loading Carts. CREMATORIES for humans, pets and big animals. As additional equipment are provided Cremated Remains Processor and Lift Table Loader.