Design and Total Building

  • Discharge
  • Separation
  • Classification
  • Commercialization of Classificated Materials
  • Preparation of the rest wastes to the final disposition:

A) Incineration in Rotary Kilns

ROTARY KILNS, This is a modern Complete Incineration Plant controlled by a Rotary Kiln, built under British License specially developed for burning USW (Urban Solid Wastes) cleanly and safely for the Environment, during 24hs continuously, including the ash removal. It is typified by the Primary Horizontal and Rotary Chamber, in which it is possible vary as the operation temperature as the rotary speed in order to be adapted to the waste treated. It is equipped with high sophistication Control Systems, Secondary Chamber of Large Volume, Gases Treatment and Cleaning Equipment, Catalytic and Non Catalytic, in Dry or Wet Way, according to waste characteristics and according to the Gases Emission Standards established by Environmental Authorities of each Region.

C) Organic Final Destination Plant for Composting and Landfill